Nature Play Program commences at Co-op!

Co-op’s Nature Play program commenced in 2015 and we are excited to announce that it will continue in 2016!

We believe that through accessing local nature spaces on a regular basis, we will reinforce the children’s sense of belonging. Children are natural learners. Our nature play program will provide our children with valuable uninterrupted play in a beautiful bush setting using only what nature has provided as learning materials. They will have the opportunity to play in the rain, roll down grassy mounds, balance along fallen logs or rocks, get involved in dramatic play, find living creatures and use different mediums to create with. The opportunities for children to construct their own learning is endless.

We will walk along streets that they may travel with their families, and introduce the children to a space that they mightn't have known about, which they could then go to at other times. Children who play outside without the use of manmade objects use more creativity, curiosity, imagination, persistence, enthusiasm, and cooperation, and consequently they develop into better learners.

The outdoors has a special value, a place of space, changing light, temperature and sense which is why it can fully engage children in a way that is wonderful to behold.