Co-op strives in all its activities to protect and enhance the environment and minimise the impact on its surroundings while encouraging a culture that is committed to sustainable development.

As part of our children's programming, we value the use of natural and open-ended materials including water, sand, dirt, clay and wood, and encourage the exploration of our natural environment both indoors and outdoors. This approach encourages an appreciation of the natural environment and enhances the child's imagination, creativity and sense of achievement.

We also believe in encouraging children to learn about environmental and conservation issues, putting an emphasis on the use of natural and recycled materials, wise water usage, power saving, recycling, worm farming, vegetable gardening, waste minimisation and adopting a positive regard and sense of responsibility for all living things.

We are part of a City of Yarra program that has installed solar panels on the centre in 2010.

We recently received a Telstra's Kids Fund grant to develop a vegetable garden at Co-op to compliment our flourishing container garden.

In 2010 Co-op initiated a sustainability subcommittee to further its commitment to the environment.

The sustainability subcommittee'€™s vision is to guide Co-op in treading lightly, respecting the environment by reducing our foot prints, educate and involve the Co-op community in a more sustainable future and to be recognised as a green childcare centre.

This shall be achieved by the development, implementation and ongoing review of the following three broad areas:

1. Influencing community (including Co-op staff, families, children and the wider community)

2. Integration of a 'green'€™ approach into the curriculum

3. Continuing to asses and improve all areas of operation and the physical environment in which Co-op operates.


Co-op wins an award!

We won!

The sustainability subcommittee is excited to announce that Fitzroy North Childcare Co-operative won the Environmental Education in Early Childhood Inc RESPECT award for 2010.

The award stands for Recognition of Excellent Sustainable Practice in Early Childhood Teaching.


Sustainability achievements

- Winner of 2010 EEEC RESPECT Award

- Solar panels installed on roof (City of Yarra program)

- Installation of water tank for garden and water play

- Vegetable planter boxes (Telstra kid’s fund grant)

- Native (drought resistant) garden

- Installation of compost and worm farm

- Replace paper hand towels with cloth

-  Introduction of email/online communication

- Environmental awareness in curriculum

- Use of recycled art/craft materials

- Minimise use of plastic

- Established recycling systems for paper, plastic and cans

Learning about our worm farm

Learning about our worm farm

Caring for our kitchen garden

Feeding our worms

Caring for our garden