All personal records relating to staff and children/families attending North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative are regarded as confidential. All persons using the North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative will have personal information treated with confidentiality. Confidentiality applies to verbal, written information and computerised information. North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative endeavours to protect confidentiality wherever possible, and creates an environment of respect and privacy for all persons.

The centre follows all guidelines within the Health Records Act. The Director will inform Committee members and staff of the guidelines requirement within the Health Records Act. A copy of the Health Records Act is available from the office.

Information about children/families is not given to others without the parents'€™ or legal guardians'€™ written consent. The only persons permitted to access children's records or the enrolment files are:
- the parent/legal guardian;
- Co-op childcare employees;
- Children'€™s Services Adviser -€“ Department of Education and Early Childhood Development; and
- Validators - National Childcare Accreditation Council.

Staff will not disclose the names of children who have caused injury to other children while at the centre.

Staff will treat as confidential any information gained about a family's private circumstances. Such information is only shared with other staff when it is in the family'€™s/children'€™s best interests that circumstances or strategies be more widely communicated. Parents have the right to withhold any information which they feel is not relevant to the North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative and the complete care of their child/ren.

Parents and staff may request that information not be shared with other childcare staff and/or Committee of Management members.

Parents can have access to any written information on their child kept by childcare staff, however this information can not be taken away from the centre. Parents must give staff a minimum of 24 hours' notice if they want to access records held.

Information regarding Child Care Assistance is kept in a locked area and is only accessible to:

  • the Book-keeper/Auditor;
  • the Director (or Second in charge);
  • Officers of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development during compliance checks.

Personal information collected during the interview/enquiry process, for people who do not subsequently become North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative users, is destroyed.

Interviews will take place in private where appropriate.

All personal information about users of North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative is stored in a locked filing cabinet and/or on computer accessible only to the Director, Second-in-charge and Chairperson of the Committee of Management.

When children and families leave North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative, information is kept for the statutory period. All other recorded information is destroyed, when it is no longer required.

The Co-op will adhere to all confidentiality guidelines except where it involves:

  • Serious and/or illegal action on the part of parents/carers enrolled;
  • Any issue which could endanger the safety of other parents/carers, staff or children;
  • Any issue where the Director or staff member is obliged by law to disclose the information. The Director and/or Committee of Management will follow the Child Abuse Reporting Policy in this instance.

Source / Relevant Associated Documents:

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