Waiting List

There is a waiting list for places at Co-op and families are advised to apply to be placed on the Waiting List. There is a one of payment of $30.00 per family to be placed on our waiting list. Please download and complete the Waiting List Application Form and return to Co-op with payment by fax or post.

The Waiting List is updated every 6 months through a mail-out to all families registered on the list. Once returned, applications are re-entered according to the original date of application. Any names not returned within the required timeframe are removed from the list. Childcare places will be allocated according to the following Federal Government Priority of Access guidelines. When a vacancy arises, Co-op will endeavour to fill this place with a priority placement, but failing this will contact the first person on the waiting list, then work their way through until the vacancy is filled.

Hopefully the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you.

Q: Can I apply to have my unborn child added to the Waiting List?
A: Yes

Q: How do I find out where my family is placed on the Waiting List?
A: Please contact our Director.

Q: When will I be offered a place?
A: This is a very difficult question to answer as it is difficult to predict families' needs. In recent years it appears that the average waiting period for children under 3 years of age can be between 1 and 2 years, and for children over 3 years it can be a shorter period of time.


On accepting a place, families are requested to complete the enrolment process. Essentially this involves completing forms, attending an enrolment interview with the Director, paying two weeks' fees in advance, becoming a voting member of the co-operative, and reading and agreeing to the information contained in the Family Handbook. The Family Handbook outlines details on the policies and procedures of Co-op, and expands on the information on this website. Co-op encourages an orientation period for new families and supports a flexible approach to how this might be implemented.


Families are welcome to visit Co-op at any time. We encourage parents and children to become familiar with Co-op staff and the centre environment before the child starts care. We believe that parents and children who are introduced to the centre before enrolling will feel more comfortable and informed when they come to attend.

Co-op orientation is tailored to suit individual families. Some families prefer a gradual adjustment process, where you both spend time slowly adjusting to the new care arrangements. You may stay at or visit Co-op during orientation as much as you and Co-op staff feel is necessary to ensure your child feels comfortable. Staff at Co-op are aware that the time needed to adjust is different for each individual, and that it can be an emotional time for child and parent. We endeavour to make it as stress-free as possible.


Co-op operates as a not for profit body. Our primary aim is to provide a high standard of childcare while keeping fees as low as possible. Co-op relies on the regular payment of fees to cover operating costs.


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